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Report: Immigration Reform Would Boost Arizona Economy

economy-boost-imageA recent report appears to provide support for providing a pathway to citizenship for America’s undocumented immigrants. The report shows how the nation’s economy – and Arizona’s economy in particular – would benefit from immigration reform.

The report by Regional Economic Models, Inc., predicts that immigration reform would create over 123,000 jobs across the country and increase the gross domestic product by over $10 billion by 2014.

Arizona alone would benefit from more than 3,000 new jobs that would lead to an additional $264 million in economic output by 2014. In the next 30 years, Arizona would see 19,731 new jobs and a $1.5 billion boost to the state’s economy, according to the report.

The authors of the report, which was presented at a recent Capitol Hill news conference, claim that immigration reform will create “comprehensive macroeconomic impacts on a state-by-state basis across all industry sectors.”

Opponents of a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants argue that the new residents would actually end up costing the U.S. more than what they would contribute to the economy. Those opponents instead support concepts such as a temporary agriculture program and an expanded employment- based visa program for highly skilled workers.

Ken Barbic, the senior director of federal government affairs at the Western Growers Association, spoke during the presentation in favor of broad reforms that would provide a stable workforce for the agricultural industry. According to Barbic, strict enforcement of immigration laws has hurt the economies in states where the agricultural industry is strong, such as Georgia and Alabama.

While it appears that immigration reform is being debated, millions of undocumented immigrants are currently living in fear of deportation. If you are one of them, you may have options that will allow you to remain in the country legally. An experienced Phoenix immigration attorney can explain your options. Contact Kanu & Associates, P.C., by calling 855-567-0621 or by using our online contact form.




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