3 Tips for Immigration

3 Tips for Immigration

Immigrating to the United States is an exciting opportunity, especially if you are reuniting with your family or spouse. With the excitement also comes the overwhelming task of navigating through the bureaucracy of the USCIS. In this blog, our Phoenix immigration lawyer provides you with three tips to help you during the immigration process.

1.Plan for Delays

The USCIS is constantly behind schedule as the immigration demand is higher than workers available. If possible, turn your application in in advance. If you are a green card holder currently residing in the United States, apply for the renewal well in advance. Our Phoenix immigration attorneys have heard of the process taking up to three years. Managing this period is extremely important if your green card or visa expires while your renewal is still processing, you could be deported.

2.File Multiple Visa Petitions

If you are petitioning for your green card or immigration visa through a family member, maximize your options by applying multiple times. Check to see if your brother, sister or another family member is eligible to petition for you. This way, if one of your applications is denied or lost, you still have another one in the queue.

3.Copy Paperwork and Request Return Receipts

Our Phoenix immigration attorneys have heard many stories of the USCIS losing paperwork. Stay ahead of the game by making copies of all paperwork you send in. In addition to making copies, send all applications and other materials by certified mail. This way, you will receive a receipt once they receive the copy that can act as proof of filing.

Need Help With Your Immigration?

As the immigrants’ attorney, Kanu & Associates, P.C. understands the stress and frustration the immigration process can bring—we’ve gone through it ourselves! If you need assistance with your immigration, our Phoenix immigration attorneys are ready to help. Contact us for your complimentary case review.


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