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At Kanu & Associates, P.C., we are immigrants ourselves. We know what it is like to strive for a better life in America, and the stresses of going through the legal process. Because of this, we have dedicated our lives to helping clients navigate the complex and intricate world of immigration law. Our Phoenix immigration lawyer has seen firsthand the remarkable difference it makes to have an aggressive advocate supporting you.

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Experienced Representation

Our attorneys know how stressful it can be to deal with any form of immigration law. Whether you are applying for full citizenship, trying to bring family over with you, or fighting deportation, the processes are complicated and the stakes are high. This is why at Kanu & Associates, P.C., we work closely with our clients and keep them informed about their case at all times. We believe that the key to achieving favorable results is maintaining consistent communication with our clients.

Providing Assistance at Every Stage

Filling out the numerous forms required to apply for visas or full citizenship correctly is critical to achieving your goals. Fill them out incorrectly, include the wrong set of fees, or send them to the wrong people, and your application could be delayed or even rejected. At Kanu & Associates, P.C., our Phoenix immigration attorney has years of experience with this process and the knowledge necessary to get your application sent in without worry.

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The Immigrants' Manual for Success in America

Attorney Kanu's book outlines what it takes to enter the United States and begin to excel in this country. This knowledge comes from personal and professional experience as an immigration lawyer and as an immigrant himself.

Are you planning to legally migrate to the United States or an immigrant that is already in the United States? Our attorney, Solomon O. Kanu’s new book titled, The Immigrants' Manual for Success in America: Unlocking the Secrets to the Visa Process, Entering the Us, Staying in the Us, and Excelling in the US, is now available for purchase.