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A conviction on any assault charge in Arizona can carry a stiff penalty, including a fine, probation or possibly jail time. In some cases, simply touching someone else can be considered assault. If you are facing an assault charge, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney with experience, commitment and a passion for fighting for your rights.

At the law offices of Kanu & Associates, P.C., we have helped countless immigrants resolve their legal issues. We provide smart, aggressive representation and work to have the charges against you dismissed or, at least, reduced to a lesser crime. You can count on us to pursue the avenues available to protect your freedom.

Our Phoenix criminal assault defense attorney can help you by doing the following:

  • Meeting for a free evaluation of your case.
  • Studying your case thoroughly.
  • Building a tailor-made strategy to give you your greatest chance at a positive outcome.
  • Keeping you fully informed throughout the case so there are no surprises.

Building a Powerful Case in Your Defense

We know what’s at stake when you are accused of a crime. A conviction can impact your job, your personal relationships and your immigration status. When you hire our firm, we will learn everything we can about the case from you and by studying all of the evidence. We will build the most powerful defense possible and work to keep your record clean.

In many assault cases, the whole matter can come down to your word against your accuser’s word. We are committed to protecting your rights and fighting the charges so that you are not held accountable for a crime you didn’t commit. We will closely review the police reports and any witness statements to look for any inconsistencies or holes in the case that we can use to your advantage.

Speak with a Lawyer

Contact our office today. We understand the various challenges that immigrants face and want to do everything we can to prevent a criminal charge from jeopardizing your immigration petition. We offer a free case evaluation and our Phoenix assault defense attorney can give you a primary assessment of your case and help you understand the legal issues involved.

Call us at (602) 353-7795 to schedule an appointment.

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