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Facing Criminal Charges? Choose Experienced, Aggressive Lawyers.

Being arrested and charged with a criminal offense can be a terrifying and life-altering experience. Before you face Arizona’s merciless criminal justice system, you first need to retain the services of an experienced and resourceful legal representative. At Kanu & Associates, P.C., our criminal defense attorney provides clients with knowledgeable guidance and personalized legal services. Our aggressive litigator can defend your rights in court and help you secure a positive case result that safeguards your quality of life.

Our Attorneys Handle All Types of Criminal Cases

When your future is on the line, it’s important to rely on a professional legal representative. After all, hiring a skilled attorney can mean the difference between prison time and an acquittal. A criminal conviction can lead to exorbitant fines, prison time, and a detrimental criminal record. 

Unfortunately, serving your time doesn’t mean that you’re free from the legal repercussions of your conviction. Your criminal record can greatly impact your current and future employment options, your social relationships, and your general standard of living.

Our firm can assist you if you have been charged with any of the following:

Start a Case Evaluation With a Criminal Attorney in Phoenix

At Kanu & Associates, P.C., you are more than just a case number. Because we know there isn’t a cookie-cutter solution that can successfully resolve every criminal defense case, we take great pride in constructing customized litigation strategies that reflect our clients’ individual legal objectives. 

During your consultation, we can discuss your situation and the circumstances that led to your arrest. By researching your case and utilizing this information, our Phoenix attorney can develop a comprehensive defense strategy that is specifically tailored to your needs.

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