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The goal of the investment visa program is to boost the American economy by encouraging investments from foreign nationals. Each year, there are 10,000 immigrant investor visas available. With the help of an immigration lawyer, you could apply for Phoenix investment visas to enable yourself, your spouse, and your children to obtain permanent residency status. However, you must meet strict eligibility requirements.

As your immigration lawyer can inform you, you must invest at least $500,000 into a targeted employment area in the U.S., which is an area that has significant unemployment rates. If you wish to obtain a green card through investment by starting a business outside one of these targeted areas, you must invest at least one million dollars. Your immigration lawyer can help you prepare and submit Form I-526, Immigrant Petition by Alien Entrepreneur. The form must be accompanied by certain documentation that provides proof that you’ve fulfilled the eligibility requirements. For example, you must prove that you are actively participating in the business, that you’ve invested at least the minimum amount of capital, and that you’ve created American jobs. Once you’re living in the U.S. with an investment visa, you can apply to become a permanent resident.