The K1 Visa Interview

The K1 Visa interview is one of the most vital steps of the entire immigration process. This interview takes place when an engaged couple is looking to marry in the United States, resulting in one party becoming a United States citizen by proxy. Whether you are the legalized citizen in the relationship or not, it is essential you take this interview seriously, as it can very well determine whether your marriage will be declared as legitimate.

For a legitimate couple, the K1 Visa interview should not be a concern. The questions are very straightforward and easy to answer for people who are in a relationship. Don’t be worried about being nervous, as the consular officer who is in charge of the interview understands this may be a stressful or nerve-wracking time.

The following are common questions you will be asked in the K1 Visa interview, including but not limited to:

  • Questions about yourself, such as your travel history, criminal history, family history, etc.
  • Questions about your fiancé regarding information about his or her personal life. These questions will be quite in-depth as the interviewer is checking to see if you know enough information about your partner. These questions will include questions about your fiancé’s family background, religion, occupation, living situation, etc.
  • Questions about your relationship and wedding plans, such as when, how, and where you met your fiancé. These questions will also include specifics about which activities you enjoy together, how often you communicate, when the wedding will take place, how the proposal went, and future honeymoon plans.

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