Filling Job Openings is More Difficult due to U.S. Immigration Policies

According to immigration and talent experts, the Trump administration’s immigration policies are making it harder for U.S.-based employers to fill job openings. Since the government has increased the restrictions on visa applications, designed to curb legal immigration, its actions have led to delays and higher costs for hiring workers outside the country.

For example. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is challenging and denying more H-1B visa applications, which enables skilled foreign workers to work in the United States for up to six years. Based on a report by the Migration Policy Institute (MPI), USCIS sent employers 45 percent more requests for evidence (RFE) forms in H-1B cases. These forms seek documents to prove why the individuals need the visa. Due to the added red tape, many corporations are avoiding the visa sponsorships and transfers.

The truth is, many employers attempting to fill positions with U.S. citizens are having issues. In most cases, when recruiters find experienced and talented U.S citizens which employers need, the workers are hesitant to accept lower-level work since they have progressed to senior and advisory roles. Additionally, these workers have better compensation and career-advancement opportunities. While U.S. college graduates are available, these workers are often hired by large corporations.

According to studies from liberal, conservative, and neutral organizations, there is a positive link between immigration and economic growth. Fewer than half a million workers come to the U.S. every year—with most being here on a temporary basis. Several experts say that curbing immigration will restrict the labor pool even further.

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