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What are the Most Common Mistakes Made on USCIS Forms?


Filling out U.S. immigration applications can be a complex task, which is why it is beneficial to seek legal assistance from an experienced immigration lawyer.

However, many immigrants elect to handle the paperwork on their own, making them vulnerable to error if they are not careful. If the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (UCSIC) officials encounter a mistake on a visa petition, the application could be either denied or delayed.

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The most common mistakes made when filing USCIS documents include:

  1. Forgetting a signature – If you fail to sign a document, USCIS will automatically reject or return the application.
  2. Not completely filling out the form – If you leave any part of the application blank, your petition may not be approved.
  3. Using old forms – The USCIS website contains all the available forms ready for download and print.
  4. Using colored ink – All forms must be completed in blank ink and legible writing within the provided spaces.
  5. Correcting errors – If you make a mistake on the form, you cannot cross out or use correction fluid to fix the answer since the USCIS scanners won’t detect it. Just start over with a brand-new application.
  6. Forgetting vital information – Each document in the application asks you for your name, date of birth, and (sometimes) your Alien number. Failure to repeat important identifying information may result in the denial of your petition.
  7. Making wrong payments – There is a “fee calculator” on the USCIS website to ensure the right payments are made when you submit your application.
  8. Using binders or folders – Immigration officials must easily separate the documents, so do not bind them together. This also includes stapling. Only use paper clips.
  9. Mixing different applications – If you are using one envelope to submit two different documents, ensure they are separated by using paper clips or rubber bands.
  10. Turning in large files – Unless it is absolutely necessary, do not submit large files.
  11. Submitting original documents – Only turn in photocopies of important identifying information rather than the originals.
  12. Sending the application to the wrong address – Immigration officials may reject or return improperly filed petitions.

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