What Are Crimes of Moral Turpitude?

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According to federal immigration law, one of the most deportable offenses in the United States is a “crime of moral turpitude” (CMT). While the term is not easily defined, this type of crime is committed with evil intent or done recklessly that shocks the public in a vile or otherwise immoral way that goes against societal duties. 

Most immigration judges and officials believe if the alleged offense sounds morally wrong, or perhaps egregious and inherently offensive, it’s most likely a crime of moral turpitude. Such crimes can be either misdemeanors or felonies – no matter the sentence imposed upon conviction. 

Based on individual immigration cases, the following are the common offenses the U.S. courts and government consider to be CMTs: 

  • Homicide or murder 

  • Theft 

  • Fraud 

  • Kidnapping 

  • Arson 

  • Incest 

  • Animal fighting 

  • Conspiracy involving a CMT 

In general, CMTs involve crimes committed against a person or family, against property, against governmental authority, and involving conspiracy. Not only does a conviction for a CMT result in deportation, but it may also block someone’s application for a green card or visa. 

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