What Are Some Examples of Serious Crimes Committed by Illegal Aliens?

Committing a serious crime is one way to significantly increase your chances of being deported from the United States if you are here illegally. If you are convicted of a serious crime, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will likely take their time to consider whether or not to deport you. While immigration law is complex and you may not necessarily be deported, you will likely serve a major sentence. If you find yourself facing serious charges, seek legal representation from a Phoenix criminal defense lawyer for immigrants as soon as possible.

Here are three examples of major crimes that could be grounds for removal from the country.


Eleven illegal immigrants from El Salvador were convicted of murder, conspiracy, and firearm crimes as part of the MS-13 gang in New Jersey in June 2016. Two more members were convicted in August in the Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. in the murder of another member suspected of being an informer. Both men in the Virginia stabbing case were convicted to life in prison, plus additional time.

Also on the topic of weapons crimes and conspiracy, A British illegal immigrant made headlines in September, when he plead guilty to attempting to steal a gun from a policeman with the intent of assassinating Presidential candidate Donald Trump. He faces 18-27 months in prison, and will likely be deported to the United Kingdom.


Sometimes undocumented aliens aid operations that smuggle additional people into the country illegally. Participating in these acts is a felony crime, and could subject you to deportation if you are convicted. In September of 2016, two Ecuadorian aliens were sentenced to six and five years in prison for their operation. Both may also face deportation and removal.

Rape & Sexual Assault

An Indian illegal alien was found guilty of orchestrating a gang rape in his home in the year 2012. He is due to be deported for his involvement in the matter.

What do all of these crimes have in common? For the most part, they are all violent felonies that intend great bodily harm. These crimes are known as “crimes of moral turpitude,” and they are somewhat vague in their definition in U.S. immigration law. If you are facing charges of one of these crimes, retain an attorney from Kanu & Associates, P.C. now! Let us fight back for your rights on your behalf.

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