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Violent Crimes & Illegal Immigrants: Is There a Connection?


One of the most highly contentious topics regarding immigration and citizenship is whether or not the number of immigrants correlates with the number of crimes that occur. After this recent election, a message of fear was sent across the entire United States, inundating the public’s image of immigrants as criminals who undermine the fabric of our society.

Who Is Committing Violent Crimes?

However, the rhetoric that was the driving force in the election is only that—words meant to incite and to stir. Many researchers have noted that there is a marked decrease in the number of violent crimes over the past three decades. The study, published by the American Immigration Council, found that only 1.6 percent of male immigrants between the ages of 18 and 36 were incarcerated, in comparison to the 3.3 percent of U.S.-born males.

Whatever the case may be, what the studies are trying to point out is that undocumented or illegal immigrants should not account for the only source of criminal activity, particularly violent crimes. The statistics are attempting to prove that there are still far greater numbers of U.S. citizens committing crimes than illegal immigrants.

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