What Happens if There is a Government Shutdown?

In the case of a government shutdown, there will be countless impacts across the nation--most notably, immigration. Because immigration is an essential department in the United States government, it comes as no surprise that many immigrants may fear the prospect of having their cases halted, or worse. While a government shutdown is an entirely undesirable event that should be avoided at all costs, it is necessary you be prepared in case it becomes a possibility.

The following will be affected in the event of a government shutdown:

  • Customs & Border Processing – Visa applications at ports of entry or pre-inspection locations may be affected, though consular processing will not be.
  • Visa Issuance at Consulate’s Abroad – Consular processing will not be affected.
  • Department of Justice – Immigrant and Employee Rights section attorneys will be furloughed, which will shut down any and all investigations of workplace discrimination, temporarily.
  • Department of Labor: H Petitions & PERMS – The following will be inaccessible, or halted in processing: iCERT visa portal systems, Labor Conditions Applications, Prevailing Wage Requests, PERM 9089 Forms for permanent labor certifications, and audit responses.
  • USCIS – Applications will continue to be processed, but H-1B filings will be affected because LCAs will not be processed. E-verify will be inaccessible, though employers will still need to complete Form 1-9s as soon as possible.

Understanding all of these possibilities can be incredibly time-consuming and complex, which is why we will inform you whether or not any of the above will adversely affect you or your family’s standing in the immigration process.

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