Immigration Under President Trump So Far

Building a wall was at the forefront of Donald Trump’s campaign and has been a major topic of discussion since the inauguration. But what has actually been done and what impact has President Trump had on immigration?

Decline of Illegal Immigration

According to The Washington Times, illegal immigration to this country from the southwest border is down more than 60 percent since President Trump took office. This early success has sparked questions about whether a wall is actually necessary. Prototypes of the wall, however, have been selected to be tested from Homeland Security.

Current Concepts in Question

One of the current immigration focuses of the White House is a program that may allow spouses of highly skilled engineers to also work in the United States. Since Trump, the government has been rethinking many immigration programs including spouses’ rights. The Trump administration has also promised a greater amount of scrutiny when it comes to the H-1B visa.

ICE’s Enforcement Under President Trump

Although the number of illegal immigrants coming to the United States has decreased, the pace of deportations has hardly changed since Obama. Immigration officials claim that ICE has been continuing with business as usual ever since Trump became president. It is perceived that Trump may be playing up ICE arrests as a way to show that he is serious about his immigration policies.

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