Arrow "Immigration" Sign

A green card is proof that an individual is authorized to live and work in the United States. After you receive your green card, make sure to have the card in your possession at all times. If you plan to apply for U.S. citizenship in the future, it's important that you maintain your permanent residence status. To maintain your green card, do not declare yourself a non-immigrant or citizen or on your tax returns and do not remain outside of the U.S. for more than one year without obtaining a re-entry permit/returning resident visa. And most importantly, do not involve yourself in criminal activities and never lie to get immigration benefits for yourself or another.

Whether you are seeking a green card or U.S. citizenship, an immigration lawyer in Phoenix can help. Speak with an immigration lawyer today about your path to citizenship and the options available to you, including green cards and visas. And if you are facing deportation, consult with a deportation attorney to fight the order.