What to Do If You're Denied Entry to the US at the Airport

Welcome to the United States! However, although you arrived at the airport, Customs and Border Protection has denied you entry into the country.

There are many reasons why you can be denied entry to the US. If you have been denied entry into the U.S. at any point in the past, even if you had an expired passport, the previous rejection can result in future denial.

Additionally, it is not often that a traveler is denied entry into the U.S. due to criminal background issues, but this can also result in denial.

Common Reasons for Being Refused Entry to the U.S.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the following are the most common reasons for entry denial:

  • Overstaying a visa
  • Overstaying of time allowed in the United States on a tourist visa in the past
  • Having a criminal record or suspicion of ties with terrorists
  • Conviction of a criminal offense
  • Previously working illegally in the U.S.
  • Past denial of a stay extension on a tourist visa in the U.S.
  • Previously visiting on a tourist visa and failing to stay in your home country at least six months after returning
  • Losing your green card
  • Being "Inadmissible by Health," or suspected of having a disease, disorder, or drug addiction that may pose a threat to others
  • Not having sufficient funds to support yourself during your stay

Be sure to contact our team of immigration lawyers to help you with your situation or if you are looking for more information about your possibilities of being denied entry into the US.

What To Do After Being Denied Entry

Upon denial, the most important thing to do is stay calm and composed. Not only will arguing get you nowhere, it will further harm your case.

When you receive the bad news, follow these steps prior to taking any action:

  • Be patient – Try to avoid having your record officially entered as denied entry and ask for more time to handle the situation.
  • Ask questions – Determine the reason why you are being denied entry into the country. If your CBP officers are being disrespectful, remain calm and continue to seek answers.
  • Record the responses – Whether you use a camera or audio recorder on your phone or use a pen and paper, document each the responses to each of your questions.
  • Gather all of the details – Once you receive a response, check all of your paperwork to go over all the details.
  • Contact an attorney – Ask if you could call a lawyer, who can provide guidance to get the decision overturned.

At Kanu & Associates, our Phoenix immigration lawyer can work on your case and help you resolve your visa rejection. It is possible that we can find a solution which allows you to stay in the country.

It is best to prevent this type of situation from occurring in the first place. Before heading to the United States, ensure that you have the proper authorization and speak with an attorney to see if there is anything in your past that could cause you to be denied entry into the country.

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